Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The EWWWWW Factor

I've been asked what a June Bug is. Well, it's a beetle. It's out for a short time in June.  It's the adult form of your white grub.  They are attracted to the lights at night. Mostly the males, as the females are burrowing to lay their eggs for the next season.  I guess it's different colors in different areas.  Here it's brown hard shelled on top and sorta furry on the body. It's got 6 legs that look like they're barbed. If they get in your hair, they stick. ICK!! ICK!! ICK!!  They don't bite, they're just creepy.  I found a picture of the "June Bug" we see around here. 

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Krissy said...

I hate these things! They are up down here too in summertime.

We're thinking of you and puppies this weekend! Happy 4th!