Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going Home

The puppies got their well puppy checks today and have started going to their new homes. Terrilynne met me at the vet's tonight and took her puppy, "Dentine" home with her.  Tomorrow Doublemint goes to her new home and on Sunday, Chiclets goes to her new home.  The others, Big Red, Spearment, Bazooka, Juicy Fruit and Double Bubble leave next week.  It's going to be so quiet around here and I won't know what to do with all my time. 

Last Bloom of Summer

I had some late bloomers with one of my Day Lillies this year and this is the last flower of the season. 

New Friends and cuddle buddy

This is little Xander.  He's just adorable. He's already made friends with the fish and his sleeping buddy is Griphon, the Portuguese Water Dog.  It's always nice to have a big buddy you can cuddle up to on those chilly Michigan nights or when you need protection from the other kitties you just tortured.