Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mz Mouse

Mz Mouse is quite old. She came here with a litter of 4 kittens many years ago. We found homes for the little kitties, but nobody wanted mom. Because she was so small, skinny and her color, we named her Mz Mouse. She's been here forever and hasn't gone outside since she stepped foot inside the front door those many years ago. I was getting ready to go the Post Office for mail and found her sleeping in my goose down coat. It's been terribly cold, windy and snowy here for the last two weeks, so I don't blame her. She likes to sleep in boxes, lays on my fabrics (usually when I'm trying to figure out what goes where and she sits right beside the sewing machine sometimes when I'm trying to sew.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the Beginning

This is a picture of Mr. Big Stuff at 8 weeks old. He only weighed 3 lbs. Normal weight for a Portuguese Water Dog Puppy at that age is around 6-8lbs. Guess I never should have given him the idea he could get on the table.

Mr. Big Stuff

Here's a picture of Mr. Big Stuff, the little hairball that ate my glasses. Looks harmless doesn't he.

Twisted Sister and Liberated Stars classes

Gwen Marston was the guest speaker at our Guild last month. She was kind enough to grace us with three of her classes. I attended the Liberated Stars, enjoyed her wit and had a lot of fun. This will be one of those projects I finish rather than send it to the deep with the ill fated Storm At Sea.

Ami Simms presented her Twisted Sisters class at the E. Grand Rapids Library on Sat. What a great day and another wonderful class. Another project that won't share space with Storm At Sea. I've already got the rest of my blocks cut out sitting at the sewing machine waiting to be put together.