Sunday, October 25, 2009


My 6600 was delivered late Friday night in the pouring rain. I was upstairs didn't hear the driver, one of the contractors saw him drop it at the back door, grabbed the box and brought it in the house. It was covered with a big plastic bag, but I can't imagine it being left outside for any length of time in all that rain. 

With the contractors working here, I had to put away all of my sewing stuff. No room till they are finished. All the stuff from the rooms they are working on is shoved in the other rooms.  Miss Mouse left her mark and let the contractors know what she thought of the mess they made. Too bad she couldn't sign her name. She walked right through it just as Jeff finished mudding the floor. 

Hopefully I will have a working shower by the end of this week. I had no idea a new bathroom would take so long and end up being just the beginning. New dinning room floor too. The 'new' old floor was all cracked, chipping and tiles were coming up off the floor. 

As you can see, Lois loves the printer. She thinks the paper needs her help to come out.  She's such a character. On Thursday, she made her TV debut on our local news with my vet. She does a segment on the noon news every Thursday. This week it was how to give a cat medicine. Lois thought everyone was there to see her. Her video is here under Pet Peeves. The video will load if you wait a few seconds.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We are back from Houston. My first and probably last time. What a blast! So many vendors, anything you want at your fingertips; fabric, notions, comfy shoes, machines, cabinets, more fabric, pain relief for anywhere on your body. (I could have used that after the first day) Walking on cement for 3 days is quite painful.  Wore my Crocs, my feet were very comfy, but the rest of the body, not so much. 

There were a lot of quilts, but not quite what I expected. Many were art quilts, some which were painted.  Some were Ohhhhhhhhh AAAAAHHHHHHH and some were "what is it and why is it here?"  I'm not really the artsy type. They had some of the Hoffman Challenge quilts. The quilts done with thread only were beautiful. Optical Illusions are fascinating to me. 

I purchased a new Janome 6600 and the Martelli cutting matt and rotary cutter with its rulers. All of that stuff is yet to arrive as it will be shipped in several weeks or so. I kept the stuff I brought home to a minimum. Some FQs,  some batiks, a couple half yard pieces, a few patterns and a few notions.  Everything fit into my carry on.  Even the delicious fudge. 

It was a great time but as always, it was great to be home and in my own bed last night.