Monday, July 14, 2008

A Sad Day

For about the last 7 months Clyde has been having some odd health problems. It started with him limping on his rear leg for unexplained reasons. Xrays showed the hip was dysplastic.  He pretty much lost the use of the leg.  Shortly after that he was having trouble with a painful back.  He is long and low, so we thought it was the bigger dogs pushing him around. We also don't really know how old he is.  He came here as an adult rescue, but just how adult we don't know.  We put the ailments off to old age catching up with him all at once.  He was put on medication for his back and hip pain and once we got the dosage right, he seemed to feel much better but did a lot of sleeping.  Old dogs sleep alot, right?  One day last week I was giving him his medication and noticed terribly swollen lymph to the vet............ aspirate one of the lymph nodes.  Results came back today.   My worst fears have been realized.  He has lymphoma, he has meds to try and take down the swelling and we will take each day as it comes.  He's my happy little guy who has a wag and a smile for everyone and never knew a stranger (except the guy who tried to break into the house when we were all home) For that act alone, my little rescue guy had a home here forever. 


Krissy said...

oh no! So sorry Clyde.... I hope for the best for you both :) He's a cutie.

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear about Clyde. I hope that the meds help with the pain and will help treat the illness. Pets become such a special part of our lives, they really are special.