Friday, June 27, 2008

Debi's Dog Show Ring

I got a call from WI Debi yesterday who's been training some young dogs for the show ring.  Several novice people were coming over for some handler training classes. She thought it would make it easier for them to understand the ring pattern by 'drawing' it on the grass. Well, let me tell you, her way of 'drawing' the ring pattern was quite unique.  

She took a flat section of her property,  used her tractor mower and 'shaved' the grass! It probably wouldn't have been too bad with the moderate weather we've had but as soon as she did this, the sun came out, it got really hot, muggy and burned the shaved grass and that flat spot was their front lawn. LOL!  Her daughter is out on the 'diagonal' working with one of the younger dogs.  Hopefully it will rain soon enough to grow the grass back before it goes dormant for the year and she has to look at the show ring the rest of the summer.  Great job Deb!!! I'm still laughing. 

We have a lot of friends named Debi so we have nick named them by the state they live in.  WI Debi has a great sense of humor so the ring pattern in the lawn is just one of many things we've laughed at over the years. 


Brenda said...

How dreadful for Debi; but I have to admit I had to chuckle. We all do those types of things now and then as a "boy that is simple" without allowing our brains to think about the long term. Then we have to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for sharing.


Roslyn Atwood said...

Your Clyde is beautiful, a funny breed combo though!How do you have time to quilt with all the doggy stuff? Thanks for visiting my blog-I'm getting around the blogs & getting to know people's other hobbies.