Saturday, March 29, 2008

Orange Crush

I got some of my darks cut tonight.

Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush Mystery

I think I've found my fabrics for Bonnie's new mystery, Orange Crush. I've got two blues that I have enough yardage of, but both have patterns. Not sure which or if either will work because the patterns that are not mute but they are like tone on tone blues. Suggestions are welcome. The black isn't a true solid black. It's got a leaf pattern that's kinda gray/brownish with a black background but looks solid enough. The orange is a piece of fabric I 'just had to have' many years ago, before I started quilting, from a trip to the first Super Joann's I went to in CT. with a friend. Neither of us had a clue what were doing. Well, I've still got it, have never used that 'just had to have' fabric so I'm using it here. It's got cactus and suns with tone on tone shades of orange. One of those fabrics you look at and go "What was I thinking!"