Saturday, January 19, 2008

Step 9 Carolina Crossroads

My top is together! Next step is the borders. This went together much easier than I expected.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Step 9 Carolina Crossroads

I finished the last blocks for Bonnie' mystery quilt. Here's a picture of one corner I laid out on my table. If the weather is as bad as they predict it for the weekend, I'll be able to get it together this weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Step 6 Carolina Crossroads Mystery

Step 6 has been completed and cant' wait to see how this goes together. The mystery process of putting a quilt together has been a lot of fun.

Step 6 Carolina Crossroads Mystery

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cruzer's new ear piece

Cruzer is doing well with his new ear piece. Sometime between Tues morning and Tue night, he developed a huge hematoma on his ear. It was quite painful for him so Dr. Karyl took care of it yesterday. He must wear his new ear piece until the end of the month and we hope it heals well. At almost 14 there are always concerns. He's a lot more comfortable and doesn't seem to mind the new jewelry.

Bright Sun Shiny Day

Today is such a beautiful sun shiny day for Jan. that I decided to take these pictures outside. It was also quite windy. Binding will come on a cold snowy or rainy day. The sun was so bright, it's a little difficult to see the colors in the one quilt. They're pale pink, yellow, green, purple or lavender against white. The green flower border will be scalloped, something I've never done, so that will take some time just to cut it correctly. The sampler is a collection of blocks I did to improve matching seams and while waiting for Birdie to have her last litter of puppies a while ago.

The quilting on both (and Radiant Suns) are done by Rita Galaska, a professional quilter and a dear friend. I'm a challenge for her as I'm not a long time quilter and if something comes up 'short' I just fix it by adding a piece here and there. I sometimes drive her crazy. :-))) She's always so kind and quilts away.

No more quilting till I get new glasses though. Mr. Big Stuff, one of Birdie's puppies, decided he needed to see the world through my eyes while I was in the shower. He's 18 lbs of shear untrained, delight. He got on the table, with the computer, took a bottle of water and my glasses. He's seeing things more clearly now, however, I'm not!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

puppies gone bad

I was gone for less than an hour and came home to THIS.................. isn't my mess, involves a lot of MY stuff. (Notice cord to iron and what looks like chewed up paper) Those are pieces from the new Rowenta iron, attached to that cord, the puppies pulled into their pen from the kitchen counter along with some new quilt books, new quilt patterns, Christmas cards, unpaid bills, my new medical benefit book and printed quilt blocks.......all together with their toys. They were so proud.................. I believe they had some help from young Trixie who sits on the counter above their pen and teases them.

Here's little "Mavrik" He's 8 weeks old in this picture.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt

Along with many others, I'm also participating in Bonnie Hunter's Caroline Crossroads Mystery Quilt. I finished step 5 late last night. Looking forward to our next step.

Radiant Sun pattern

Radiant Sun Quilt block and dogs

This is one of the 'sun' blocks from my Radiant Sun quilt. When I find the picture of the completed quilt I'll post a picture of it. I was amazed at how quickly it went together without pins and all those curves.

Spot is the dog in the lion cut. She's one of my champions. The puppy picture is his first adventure in the snow. He loves it. Now that the snow has melted, he's enjoying digging in the dirt. Hopefully it will snow again soon. It's only the first part of Jan.