Monday, November 24, 2008


I've had a lousy cold and for the last 3 days haven't left the couch except to feed the dogs, let them out and go to bed. I pretty much feel like this picture looks... out of focus, fuzzy and don't want to be bothered. 

This morning it was just a quick trip to the P.O. to pick up mail and back home. Weather was not so nice, lots of heavy wet snow and the Windstar decided it didn't like the slush on the way home. Note to self---- switch cars, use the all wheeler till the snow goes away.  Crawl home, try to turn into the drive and plow boys are here to do the drive.  I go around the 'block' and they should be done by the time I get back to my house. My block is a square mile, so that gave them plenty of time.  Oh Boy! slippery doesn't describe it. Did I mention my drive is uphill?  I go directly to the garage on top of the hill, do not stop, slow down, speed or it will be all over.  Switch the Windstar for the Escape. 

UH-OH no dog food.  Just another short trip out for a couple cans of dog food. As I was heading to the register, dog food in hand, I went down the soup isle.   While was looking at which can I wanted, somebody tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a coupon for the soup.  It was another customer in the store.  I knew I didn't look my best, but didn't think I looked so bad I needed a coupon to buy soup.  No energy to argue,  I took the coupon and dragged myself to the register.  It wasn't till I got home and realized I had on my sweats, my hair was a mess and I was wearing my coat with a broken zipper and I had it buttoned wrong.  I can only imagine what I looked like to those that saw me. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Finally............... A UFO finish. The binding has been pinned for about two years. It's been pretty cold for the last few days around here so I decided it would be a good time to finish up a few UFO's that are soooo close to being finished. It's a good feeling to finish up something. Now that it's MZ Mouse approved,  it's off to it's new owner who is very happy to have it. 

Monday, November 17, 2008


I know, I look like a Dork.  I did my best to get away so she couldn't make me look like this, but, she knows how to make me behave. It has to do with dangling food in my face. I'll do anything for a 'cookie', even behave.   

I guess I should be happy she just shaved my muzzle.  

Poor Wanda, look what happened to her.  She says she likes it.   She doesn't have all that hair and feels much better without it.  But what am I going to grab when we play. I can't get to the top of her head for that carrot top she's growin. 

We also had some white stuff this weekend that was kinda neat to play in.   It didn't last long, but was fun. They tell me there will be more this winter.  Can't wait to see more of it. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008




No mail today because the Post Office is closed for Veteran's Day. It's still cold outside and my plan is to catch up on some of my sewing. I have several UFOs ready to put together and lots of blocks ready to sew on my Fall exchange blocks. 

This past weekend we had cold rain, a little snow and lots of mud. I didn't feel guilting going to the dog show on Sat and Sun because it was too nasty to work outside.  I've included some pictures I took at the show of friends either in the ring, getting their dogs ready for the ring, or very happy with their new champion.  I apologize for the fuzzy photos. The lighting in the building was terrible and the camera didn't like it. 

Yesterday I was able to get rid of some old car batteries that I found in one of the garages while cleaning it up this Fall too. Because there were so many of them, I was afraid I would have to manifest them. I was very happy that all I had to do was take them to the salvage yard and they would dispose of them.  They were going to pay me by the pound but needed my drivers license for ID.  AH I decided they didn't need to know who I was and opted to just get rid of them. I wouldn't have gotten very much for them, so it was worth it to keep my identity to myself.  Mr. Big thought it was great, he wandered around the scrap yard while they were unloading the batteries from my car. Now we can call him the "Junk Yard Dog". One of the employees had been to the dog show that weekend and recognized him as a Portuguese Water Dog. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Scribbles hasn't been outside much in the last year because he has to take meds twice a day for his heart and thyroid. But today I was out hanging clothes on the line and he came out with me. I'm not sure where he was headed but he he was going there fast. I caught up with him just before he got into the fields behind the house. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was looking for something to add to my Fall quilt so I went out side and took these beautiful Fall pictures and this is what I came up with.  I'm adding a maple leaf block and I think it will be on point. I'll get more of them made later this week when it's too rainy to work outside. It's been beautiful the past few days and I've been working outside still trying to get things cleaned up before winter.  Next is the pile of dirt in the front yard. I hope to get most of it down by tomorrow before the rain later this week.