Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Feed the Flowers

The blooms are beginning to flower.   Their eyes are open, they can hear and are learning to walk. But mostly they still sleep. 

Jack in the Pulpit found mom's food dish tonight and dove right in, sharing with mom. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Flowers, Bloomin Bunch News and Dick and Jane

My Spring flowers waiting to be planted.  It's been too cold at night to plant young flowers. So they've been out during the day and into the garage at night.   I missed taking them in one night when we had a frost warning.  They looked pretty bad the next day, but I think they will survive. Hopefully I can get them planted this weekend. 

The Bloomin Bunch is 2 weeks old today.

 We have a few peepers.  They are getting so big. 

The Dick and Jane litter are growing but look so small next to the Bloomin Bunch. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Flower Updates

A week old today.   As you can see, they are growing like weeds. 

"Witch Hazel" is going to be a lot like her mom, "Wicked Wanda" 

Sweet William, so cuddly. 

Bachelor Button

And the rest of the Bloomin Bunch:    Snapdragon,  Coral Bell,  Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium and Holly Hock

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The May Flowers Crew

Well, not this photo.  Trixie was our whelping box tester. Scribbles is usually in the box with the puppies, but we needed a stand in to be sure it would be perfect for Wanda and her May Flowers. 

It was a long sleepless night, but we have 8 very healthy, pretty puppies. Yes, Marco, there's one in there for you! 

Mom with the crew. More pictures hopefully tomorrow. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Water Water Everywhere

These pictures were taken yesterday from the car as we were driving by. This is one of the creeks nearby that usually has a nice slow moving body of water through it. But as you can see, it's way over it's banks. 

There is usually a little island in the middle of the first picture, but it's nowhere to be seen.   I'm hoping for sunny, windy, dry days for the next few weeks so things can dry out and the flooding will stop. 

This is the other side of the road the creek flows under.  If this would have been a normal day, you would barely be able to see the water from the road and it would be so clear you could see the bottom, but with so much rain, it's pretty high and is quite muddy.