Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Humid Summer Days

Already the end of June! Wow, time flies. It's been a tough week here with temps and humidity way above normal, breaking records.  The Bloomin Bunch are growing and  Travels with Dick and Jane are doing great! 
Bunnies make wonderful pillows for a snooze. 

The potted flowers are loving the humid weather, unlike the humans and 4 footed critters that live here.  It's been so hot and humid, the puppies have had to stay inside to play.  The water in their kiddie pools is like bath water within an hour.   That's very unnatural here.  


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving Day

WOW!!! Look at all the room we've got now!

The Bloomin Bunch moved from the puppy room today.   Spot's puppies needed our room, so we moved out to get more room for us to play.  We can see everything from our new digs, we're the middle of the universe, everybody is here to see us.  Maybe tomorrow we will see more of it, for now a few zzzzzzz's

I told you mine was bigger than yours.