Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Scenery

While I was ironing and cutting fabric around noon I got a call from a friend asking why we were under severe thunderstorm warnings. HUH??? I guess I didn't know. Sure enough, turned on the TV, we were under severe thunderstorm warnings with the chance of hail. I guess that would explain the thunder and lightening while the sun was out.  I walked out to the driveway and saw this to the northwest. Pretty as a picture.  To the southwest, I could see dark skies and possible rain coming but it was going to miss me and most likely hit the city where Molly was. We really could use some rain, it's been a couple of weeks and the crops need it. Just a nice all day slow soaking rain would be nice.  Well, the dark sky went over, no rain, it went east of us. Sun is back out, it's a beautiful, cool summer day. 

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Krissy said...

What a gorgeous scene. Where are the porties playing?