Thursday, May 7, 2009

The May Flowers Crew

Well, not this photo.  Trixie was our whelping box tester. Scribbles is usually in the box with the puppies, but we needed a stand in to be sure it would be perfect for Wanda and her May Flowers. 

It was a long sleepless night, but we have 8 very healthy, pretty puppies. Yes, Marco, there's one in there for you! 

Mom with the crew. More pictures hopefully tomorrow. 


Sue said...

Congratulations,they are so cute. It makes me want to do it again, but I think we may be finished with litters here.

Janet Vance said...

Congratulations, they are so precious!

Lisa said...

Oh Boy! More counter surfers and clowns in the world. Congrats and get some rest for round two. I'll tell Annette.