Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Flowers, Bloomin Bunch News and Dick and Jane

My Spring flowers waiting to be planted.  It's been too cold at night to plant young flowers. So they've been out during the day and into the garage at night.   I missed taking them in one night when we had a frost warning.  They looked pretty bad the next day, but I think they will survive. Hopefully I can get them planted this weekend. 

The Bloomin Bunch is 2 weeks old today.

 We have a few peepers.  They are getting so big. 

The Dick and Jane litter are growing but look so small next to the Bloomin Bunch. 


Lisa said...

Puddles and puddles of "Port-a-gee" puppies. Are you getting any sleep? What will the Jack and Jill puppies be named, Hill, Pail, Water, Crown, Fetch and Tumble. Hee, hee.

Krissy said...

ADORABLE! They are all so cute. Stella wants a little brother :)

Brenda said...

Your flowers are going to be gorgeous! Have a grand time planting and taking care of them. The puppies are so adorable, oh you have got to give them a little loving attention from me! How is momma doing? Feels so great to be back to blogging and commenting, have a grand day!!