Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Not So Ugly Blocks

I almost gave up on the Tudor Rose block. I made it three times, I cut pieces wrong, too small, wrong colors, apparently not an easy block for me. It's a simple block. I just could not follow the directions. Mental block? 

The second block went together like a piece of cake.  All four look pretty good together. I'm running out of the yellow, so will have to look for something close for the rest of the blocks or make the rest all different. 

I've also finished a few more of my 'Magic Blocks' so simple if you follow directions. The blocks that seem so complicated were easy. I'm going add a few more colors to brighten it up. The green and orange I used got a little dull after I looked at it for a while.  The added yellow has added some brightness to it.  Mz Mouse approves too. 

1 comment:

Sue said...

Love the Tudor Rose. It looks terribly complicated but I like the subtle colors.