Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wanda Strikes Again

For those who know Wanda, know  she is Isea's daughter and should have been named "Murphy".  Isea absolutely refused to stay in the yard. She looked for any weakness in the fence and used it to her advantage. She is the reason we have patio blocks buried under the fence line. When Isea went to live with a friend in California I thought my problems were over.  

Not long after she left, her daughter, Wanda, took up where she left off. Not so much trying to leave the yard, but in ways you would never suspect.  She almost lost one of her rear legs when she was about a year old. I found her tangled up in bailing wire one day in the back yard. She couldn't get up. It took two of us to get that off of her. One to hold her still, the other to cut the wire off her leg.  We don't use bailing wire around here. She has also gone through a window in the middle of the winter on a Sat. night. No damage there except to my wallet. She was fine. 

Her latest is an encounter with the upright freezer.  Things were fine when I went to bed around 1 am.  Some time during the night Wanda's coat got caught in the door handle of the freezer. 
Not only did she loose a huge hunk of hair to the freezer door handle, but she managed to open the door and bend it just enough out of whack that it would no longer shut. Notice the duct tape on the door!  
Only Wanda!!!!!! That freezer has been around longer than Wanda.  It was full of frozen dog food, she never touched a thing. New freezer has been ordered, duct tape is still holding.  

My neighbor came over to help me remove some doors and Scribbles was giving him advise on which method to use. 

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Sue said...

They sure are creative, aren't they? We also have rocks and blocks under the fence. Bailey is one determined digger.