Monday, February 23, 2009

Always The Gentleman

Dinner time here is usually short and crazy. Whatever you do, don't get between the dogs and their dinner. They will knock you over to get to their food with one exception......... Put down Mr. Big's dinner and look who's waiting for it....... Scribbles. Mr. Big lays there waiting, patiently, till Scribbles gets all he wants then he eats what's left. 

It's not like Scribbles doesn't get enough to eat. He has all the cat food he wants whenever he wants, the cats free feed. I don't know what is in that dog food that Scribbles thinks he has to have every night. He doesn't eat that much so Mr. Big isn't going hungry.  Mr. Big, always the Gentleman, even with his dinner.  He's such a sweet little guy. 

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Linda said...

That is so precious! Great picture!