Monday, December 22, 2008

Updated Mystery Choices

There was a suggestion that I use a brown with my fabrics rather than the light cream. I wasn't sure I had just a brown. Brown is plain, brown is dull, and wearing brown has always reminded me that I looked like I worked for UPS. (I didn't work for them.) But that's what brown was to me. 

I managed to find a piece of Michael Miller's Krystal in a dark brown that might work. I've included it with the other colors. I must say, I do like it, but I am hoping it won't blend with the focus fabric, but not knowing what the pattern is, it's going to be a real 'mystery'.  

It's been snowing since Saturday night. The plow boys are earning their money this season so far. They were here twice on Fri, again on Sat, Sun morning and I heard them again around 3am trying to plow out the drifts that had accumulated on Sunday. I'm glad I wasn't in the cab with them.  I'm sure it was blue by the time they were finished. The drifts were high, heavy and the ice on the uphill drive makes it almost impossible unless you have chains. The job usually takes about 20 min.  I could hear the tires still spinning in the driveway around 4am when I drifted back to sleep in my nice warm cozy bed under my down quilt.  It's still very very cold and not expected to warm up any time soon.  It will be a white Christmas for sure. 

Merry Christmas!


bingo~bonnie said...

I just found your blog from your post on apocketfullofmysteries. I have no time to participe this time but will enjoy watching everyone's progress :)

Especially your b/c I have a cut of that same focus fabric you selected! :) I found it at my local Walmart and was impress at how good it felt. Very pretty!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Andee said...

I like these choices! Can't wait to see the progress on this mystery quilt! I am doing one too (Ann M. Smith's) not sure if yours is the same one, but it will be fun!