Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lazy Shakespeare In The Park

I've been trying to work up to doing a Shakespeare in the Park for quite some time. Even bought Judy Martin's book and got the ruler. I've got my fabrics, just trying to figure out the pattern. I'm hoping I'm not in over my head. It's a beautiful pattern in one color or multiple colors. My favorites are done in Batiks. While looking through some of my quilt books, I found this pattern. Looked like a Shakespeare to me, well sorta. Snail's Trail, Monkey Wrench or other names given to this block. I thought I might try this as a warm up to the real thing. The blocks are a little bigger than the 12 1/2" real SITP. Each block is 24 1/2". OHhhhhh this will be easy I thought............ Sure enough, I put several blocks in wrong. I didn't see the mistakes till I was putting on the last row last night. I've taken it apart to fix it, so it was an easy fix. Glad it wasn't in the middle somewhere. Mr. Big didn't care whether it was right or not, it worked for him.


Brenda said...

It is very pretty; I like the bigger effect it really adds definition. Thanks for sharing.


sewnut said...

I have bitten off "Shakespeare in the Park" also; well as far as buying the book and fantasizing about it being completed....

Your photos are showing beautiful quilts.