Monday, May 26, 2008

Pets and Quilts

Why is it every time you pull out something to photograph or work on the pets you haven't seen all day long are drawn to you and what you are doing. These pictures are of the first quilt I made at my first quilt retreat. I wanted something bright.........I think I got it. This really does lay flat. That lump in the middle of the quilt is one of the cats that I haven't seen all day. The other is the back of the same quilt with Scribbles wandering around on it. He's not the same cat that was under it.


Julie said...


Nancy said...

Love that quilt! What is the pattern?

Phyl said...

Lol...gotta love them 4-legged critters:).

The quilt is gorgeous...and I love your OC:).

The Orange Crush graphic IS for your computer & will have your name on it.

Brenda said...

The colors you chose are so vibrant together; it is beautiful. My pets do the same; show up at all phases of quilting and when the camera is out.