Tuesday, November 20, 2012


EASY STREET  COLORS..................MAYBE.......... ONE HAS TO GO.  Purple, green, turquoise or orange.  The mystery calls for purple, green and turquoise. I wasn't sure I could do purple again so soon after the PURPLE HAZE fiasco so was going to change the purple to pink or the orange. Bonnie's mystery starts the 23rd.... Hopefully I'll have my mind made up by then.


Valerie said...

Go with her color combos.... that's how Purple Haze was born wasn't it? Changing the colors a bit? Love the purple, turquoise fabrics there.

Pat H. said...

You're right, Val. I like the purple with the green and turquoise. In the picture it looks like there is enough contrast between all the colors. I was worried about the grey, black n white being too close and looking mottled eventually. The some of the purple and turquoise are similar in value too.

Andee said...

Loving the orange!