Thursday, November 29, 2012

EASY STREET STEP 1 (and the machine techs)

Techs checking out thread spool

Making spool adjustments. 

Adjusting the tension

Everything checks out........ ready to roll.

Thanks to my techs for keeping my machine in tip top shape.

I had lost of help. I was able to finish up Clue #1 and cut binding for another quilt. Now to find time to get it sewn together and put on the quilt.

Ready for Clue #2 in the morning.


Sue said...

Oh, I'm so glad my techs confine themselves to working on the lawn mower and not my sewing machine. They have been known to do a little work on my computer when I'm not looking and it worries me what they might be posting.

Valerie said...

Now if only they could push the foot pedal and guide the fabric though, you could get 2X's the quilts done!

Love the machine and the techies.

sao said...

Your cat is hilarious. I have one that likes to chew on the thread if given the opportunity!

Love you Easy Street colors!

sao in Midlothian, VA