Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilting Weather

After our heat wave last week where it was above freezing for two days, Jeff was here to get started on the east side of the house to put the new siding on. They got it all insulated, hauled away the old siding and were putting the last piece of insulation in place and OOOPPS!! There goes the phone and internet. Nicked the outside wire so he couldn't go any further till the phone company came out and repaired the wire.  Of course, they give you a commitment time of end of the day 2-3 days out and it was already Thurs.  Jeff wanted to get the new windows in and start on the siding by Fri morning because it was going back into the deep freeze this weekend (and it has). He got the two upstairs windows in on Fri. While he was working on those, the phone guy showed up. Got the phone up and running but not the DSL. He had to call the 'internet guy' to find out why it wouldn't come back up. Took them an hour or so to get that back up and running.  It's been quite cold all weekend, but nice and sunny both days.  

I worked on another Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern this weekend. Tropical Twist is featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker magazine. As you can see, I had lots of help. When Scribbles fell asleep on my arm it was time to call it quits for a while. He always wants up on my lap, but will usually stay in the kitty bed I had to put on my table so they wouldn't lay on my projects.  Mz Mouse had other ideas. She sees that bed as HERS. Several weeks ago she found Scribbles in HER bed and slapped him silly thinking he would get up and let her in. No, he just turned around and put his back to her. If looks could kill, that would have been Scribbles' last dance.  I got a second bed, one for the chair and one for the table next to the sewing machine....... both are now on my table so I can sew.  


Brenda said...

Sorry to hear of the delays you have encountered. Especially with the freezing weather you are having. Definetely great sewing days. Your two cats are adorable, love the evil look (that is one unhappy cat). LOL. Have a great time sewing!

Sue said...

I like your 'helpers'. I do think it must be a little difficult to sew with a cat lying on your arm. My dogs would love to help me, it's a good thing they don't get up on tables. They just counter-surf.