Saturday, October 25, 2008


This morning it was raining, like it's been doing for two days now. I decided I would get my trip to Joann's for sewing machine needles out of the way as they were on sale. I'm down to one so don't want to be without any spares. 

No needles....... all sold out so I wandered around the store, thread 50% off, nooo I've got lots of thread, Oh what's this??? 50% off their red tag fabric, just let me look, uh-oh........! I think I cleaned off one shelf. Some of these were fabrics I looked at when they were full price, $9 a yard, then red tagged for $5 still more than I wanted to pay for as much as I wanted. Well, at $2.50 a yard, yes, I'll pay that and bought bolts of the stuff. Some of it isn't what I would use a lot of in a quilt, but it sure will make very nice backing for any quilt. I'm set for backings for at least a year. 

Some had only a yard or two, but some were full bolts. Nice sale. Still no needles. With the big sale over tonight, I'm hoping they will restock the stores before or as they open tomorrow.  


Brenda said...

What a fabulous deal! Good thing I did not look at fabrics when I was there recently. LOL. You bought some beautiful fabrics; have a great time using them !

Roslyn Atwood said...

Hmmm I was just complaining about backings, too many unattractive ones in my stash I like yours much better. Good buys weren't they?
I like your block swaps too, I just don't like piecing them!