Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This was supposed to be titled Before and After, but the pictures didn't post that way. Yesterday was not a good day. I went to the gas station to get gas before the price went up $.25 a gallon. My gas card was nowhere to be found. I had to pay full price for gas. Bummer #1. The weather wasn't all that great, windy, trying to rain and getting colder. Bummer #2

I put the dogs out when I got home, called the credit card company to cancel my card. While I was on the phone, the dogs out front were making so much noise that when I got off the phone, I looked out front and noticed one of the dogs, Mr. Big Stuff, to be exact, running on the OUTSIDE of the fence. He WAS in the backyard. He was soaking wet, covered with burrs and smelling of the barns. His mother, Birdie, and Marnie, who is just 6 months old were GONE! I live in the country, many open fields, wooded areas an several busy roads if they get far enough away from home. I searched for hours. One of the local farmers found Birdie in one of his fields but she wouldn't come to him. Marnie still had not been seen since they left, it was getting dark. I got Birdie home and safely in her crate to keep her warm and dry her off. By this time, 6 friends and their dogs had joined the search because it was getting dark. Marnie didn't stand a chance once it got dark which it would be in less than an hour and it was starting to rain again. I finally found her about a half mile from were we found Birdie. Both dogs were almost 2 miles from home. Both were soaking wet, covered with burrs, mud and scared to death. Birdie hasn't left my side all day. Mr. Big...........lets just say, he just wants to know where his next meal is coming from. Marnie is a little quieter today also.

The fence people are coming next week to fix the back fence that has lost a bolt during the winter allowing a corner to come loose and the dogs were able to escape. A very long bad day, but everyone was home by dark and sleeping except me. It was after 1 am before I was calm enough to get some sleep. I won't mention the 5 blisters on my feet from wearing work boots I haven't worn since I retired.


Tracy said...

What a traumatic day! I am so glad they are home safely!

I can add you to the Mystery Quilters Webring once you add the code. Let me know if you need help.


Krissy said...

Oh no! That is one bummer of a day... Glad they are home - safe and dry.