Monday, April 21, 2008

Orange Crush Clue 2

I'm about half way through clue 2 on Orange Crush. While I was getting out one of my quilts that just need binding, look what fell out. It's another UFO! Surprise......surprise! I've got about 30 of the larger blocks finished. They look similar to blocks we are making for Orange Crush. The assembly is entirely different and the larger blocks cut off the corner of the top square.


Debbi said...

I have some patches like that too...made by sewing a diagonal across a square. Glad you found your dogs! How scarey! Looks like a big grooming job to get them cleaned up.

Candace said...

Was that the Simply Squares mystery quilt? Those blocks sure put the size of these little clue 2 blocks in perspective. Your blocks look great. Your blog is very interesting, and your dogs are very beutiful. I'm glad that they were safe after their adventure, and I hope that your blisters are getting better. Mz Mouse sure looks comfy.

Phyl said...

I love the kitty, the dogs, your OC...all of The pattern for the UFO you have a link?

Cherold said...

I LOVE your fabrics! They will make a beautiful quilt.