Saturday, October 30, 2010

Garden Maze Blocks

Where does the time go. Garden Maze block exchange on the top is half done.

Some of the  new fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery starting the middle of November,  "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll".  I'll make the final decision on which colors when I know the yardage needed for the colors.

Who you lookin at? 
I left the garage door open one day and came out to find some visitors from across the road in the garage.  They came over all summer to eat my flowers, dig in my flower beds and eat the seeds out of the low growing sun flowers. 


Brenda said...

The quilt is beautiful! The colors you chose work great together. I will have to check out Bonnies site and see if I want to have a go at the mystery! We have some chicken visitors every now and again; Dodger chases them away rather quickly though-LOL.

Sue said...

I can't imagine how my gang would react to chickens. Noisily, I'm sure.

The quilt looks great. You should be nice and warm this winter with all those beautiful quilts in the house.

Louise said...

That will be a great scrappy quilt! I hope the hens left you some fresh eggs to pay you back for the flowers!