Saturday, November 21, 2009

Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter is doing another great mystery starting the day after Thanksgiving. Those of us who aren't brave enough to face 'Black Friday' shoppers will have another project to keep us busy. 

So far these are the colors I've chosen, but they are subject to change. We still have a week before we start.  I'm making it easy on myself this time. I'm sticking to three main colors and one or more cream tone on tone background. 

Now we are off to Home Depot to get paint for the kitchen. With a little luck, the new bathroom and kitchen cupboards will be up and running before Thanksgiving. It will be nice to have a complete bathroom again. 

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Valerie said...

Hi Pat! I'm going to work on this mystery with you. My quilt will be a controlled color version too as no scraps here. I hope this turns out to be pretty! Valerie