Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old Tobacco Road Inspiration

You can see we brought back quite a bounty in our little plastic bags. The peaches, apples, apple boxes, fruit trees, corn, the old barns are all going into my Old Tobacco Road along with wheat, rye, oats, soy beans and of course Cows! Instead of Old Tobacco Road, mine will be more like Old Country Road as there is no tobacco in this part of the country. My little piece of Heaven on earth.  I left out the pictures of us picking from the trees to protect the guilty. :-)))


Robyn said...

Hi there Pat and thanks for popping by my blog :c) You are most welcome!
You commented on our lovely countryside. it is beautiful but very brown now due to frosts over winter, but it sure does look pretty when we're not in drought.
I love your pics here too...wonderful! We pick fruit from our orchard every summer.
I'm doing Old Tobacco Road are you going?
Robyn xx

Brenda said...

The way nature influences us is great. My neighbor/friend just gave me canteloupes, tomatoes, zucchini, cuccumbers and squash from his garden. He keeps his peaches for himself! LOL. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got through to my site!